Deli, Cheese & Entertaining

Maggie Beer Quince Paste 100g
$5.99 each
Gluten Free
The Happy Apple Coleslaw
Made in-house
$19.90 per kg
Barkly Smokehouse Grandmother Ham
$41.99 per kg
Sorensia Grana Padana Parmesan Grated
$4.00 each (approx.) $39.99 per kg
Mt Zero Pitted Kalamata Olives
$32.99 per kg
$41.99 per kg
Grana Padana Zanetti Wedges
$8.00 each (approx.) $39.99 per kg
Fromager d'Affinois Le Fromager
$17.00 each (approx.) $84.99 per kg
Prosciutto San Danielle
$79.99 per kg
Zaneti Parmigiano Reggiano
$58.99 per kg
Jack's ​Club English Farmhouse Cheddar
$59.99 per kg
Peter Bouchier Free Range Legham
$42.99 per kg
Andrew's Ham
$42.99 per kg
Mt Zero Whole Kalamata Olives
$26.99 per kg
Andrew's Short Rindless Bacon
$39.99 per kg
Charles Arnaud Reserve Comte
$89.99 per kg
Mrs Paynes Smoked Trout Pate 135g
$6.49 each
Gluten Free
Princi Hungarian Salami
$49.99 per kg
Grazing Platter Large (​for 6 - 8 People)
$90.00 each
The Happy Apple Happy Apple Scallop
$12.90 each $2.58 per 100g
Fromager D'affinois Bleu
$20.00 each (approx.) $99.99 per kg
Peter Bouchier Fr D/​Smoke Ham
$44.99 per kg
Thats Amore Burrata 125g
$9.59 each $7.67 per 100g
Wonder Pies Traditional Chunky Beef Pie
$8.00 each
Zucchini Halloumi Fritter
$5.49 each
Pastoral Portuguese Chicken
$44.99 per kg
Grazing Platter Medium (​for 4 - 6 people)
$55.00 each
Green Sicilian Cracked Olives
$22.00 per kg
Peter Bouchier Roast Beef
$53.99 per kg
Peter Bouchier Roast Turkey Fillet
$57.49 per kg
Split Green Olives
$31.99 per kg
Borgo Sopressa Salami Mild
$64.99 per kg
Fresh Fare Brandy, Port & Sage Pate 125g
$7.49 each $5.99 per 100g
Nevia Semi Dried Tomatoes
$36.49 per kg
Borgo Pancetta Rolled
$64.99 per kg
Free Range Salumi Finocchiona
$59.99 per kg
Monterey Jack Tasty Cheddar
$44.99 per kg
Pecorino Romano Grated
$54.99 per kg
Uncle's Streaky Bacon
$44.99 per kg
$46.99 per kg
$26.99 per kg
The Happy Apple Potato Salad
$19.90 per kg
Belfaux Swiss Gruyere
$11.10 each (approx.) $73.99 per kg
City Larder Free Range Chicken Liver Pate 150g
$14.49 each
Princi Pepper Mortadella
$29.99 per kg
Prosciutto Di Parma
$64.99 per kg
Meredith Dairy Marinated Goat Cheese 100g
was $5.99 $2.99 each $29.90 per kg
$7.99 each $4.00 per 100g
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