Listerine Teeth Defence 250ml

$6.18 each ($2.47 per 100ml)
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A Happy Australia Day to you all!

This Tuesday 26th January our online team will be taking a break however we will be back to normal with our deliveries and instore pick ups on Wednesday 27th January. If you have a regular order on a Tuesday this has been moved to Wednesday for you. Deliveries and pick ups on Monday will go ahead as normal.

Our stores will still be open for anything that you might need in Ascot Vale and Seddon 8am to 5pm

Have a great day!

Dutton Lane Works

There are currently road works in Dutton Lane which is making drive through pick ups tricky. If you would like to collect your order please park on Union Road and give us a call on 0497772533 and we will come and find you with yout order :)