Pauls Rev Low Fat Milk 2litre

$4.50 each
Save 60c - SPECIAL 2 for $8.50
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We have been working hard to increase our capacity to help as many customers as we can during this time in order to help as many people as possible.

We have updated our delivery zones...

Look out for our NEW Ascot Vale and Surrounds slot from 7am to 10am Tuesday to Friday

We have had to increase our delivery charges in line with our third party delivery provider. Our 'Outer Northern Suburbs' charge has increased to $18 and deliveries to Craigieburn and Mickleham are now $22.

Deliveries to all our other areas remain unchanged at $12 and Instore Pick Up is FREE!

Contactless Deliveries

Please be aware that during this time our drivers will NOT be delivering into houses, apartment blocks or shared spaces. You will recieve a text when your delivery is close by and our driver will ring the apartment buzzer or doorbell. Please then make arrangements for yourself to collect the order from outside. We hope you understand that we need to minimise driver contact with as many areas as possible.

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